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CFP: INTERSEM. Intersemiotic translation

INTERSEM. Intersemiotic translation
Date: 25–27 September 2013
Location: University of Lodz, Poland
Deadline: 15 May 2013

The aim of the conference is to discuss intersemiotic translation, understood broadly as transfer from one semiotic mode to another, but also as interaction between the different modes.

We invite contributions from linguists, literary scholars, arts and media scholars, translation specialists, on such topics as e.g.

— theoretical reflection on the differences between language and non-verbal sign systems;

— equivalence of stylistic devices in different modalities;

— visual to verbal translation: description, ekphrasis, radio reporting, football commentary, audio-description;

— verbal to visual translation: book illustration, screen adaptation, novel-to-comic adaptation;

— translation of visual and verbal forms into music, and vice versa;

— forms of interaction: concrete and visual poetry, comics and graphic novels, advertisements, new media, intertextual reference

Please consult our web page for invited keynote speakers.

Monika Kocot, Institute of English Studies,
al. Kosciuszki 65,
93-514 Lodz, Poland
Visit the website at
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